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Today is the day! “Malamente” is the new album of death metal heroes No More Fear. The new album will be out on December 02nd via Memorial Records, a sort of celebration of 20 years of extreme metal music with style and the usual strong approach!

No More Fear is an Italian death metal band formed in 1996. On June 1998 new songs are born featured in Shouts of War, the first demo-tape. After several live shows around Italy, Vision of Irrationality, is a new record in late 2000 and a split-record with Sin Driven Tide in 2004 that confirmed a musical evolution and technical skills.
On March 2006, at the ACME Recording Studios in Raiano (AQ) and at The Outer Sound Studios in Rome, the new album recording began. On january 2008, No More Fear (with Alkemist Fanatix collaboration ) signed a contract with Lost Sound Records.


Thanks to this agreement Ethnoprison will be in store. 2012 is the year of Mad(e) in Italy. A word pun that collected good reviews, bringing the band to a new level of knowledge about their Italian roots and the will to collect musical influences from southern italian folk music. Mandolino, guns and Morricone’s orchestral taste confirmed the Italian death metal recording sessions at ACME Recording Studio and Fascination Street Studio for mixing and mastering sessions with Jens Bogren.
Supporting the record No More Fear live shows take place sharing the stage with Finntroll, Malevolent Creation, Vomitory, Morgoth, Arcturus, Moonspell, Annihilator and more.


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