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Wormholedeath is a record label, publishing and film production company born 9 years ago.


The critical thinking in music.

Contact us: worm@wormholedeath.com

Carlo Bellotti Publishing USA
10866 Washington Blvd. #801
Los Angeles, CA 90034 – USA

Wormholedeath is a record label, publishing and film production company born 9 years ago.
The label is distributed worldwide by AURAL MUSIC GROUP, its publishing division is administered by WARNER / CHAPPELL MUSIC HOLLAND BV through a worldwide deal, and digital distribution / marketing is managed by the american corporation THE ORCHARD INC worldwide.

Among many critically acclaimed releases (more than 150 albums) WHD signed bands such as The Way Of Purity, Phaze I (Featuring Soilwork/Megadeth Drummer Dirk Verbeuren) and discovered successful newcomers like Mechanical God Creation, Dark Oath, Crysalys, Elegy Of Madness, Agharti, Shadowdream, Right To The Void, Azylya and Ligtless Moor among the others. During the year 2010 WHD produced the new film from fetish queen SUSI MEDUSA GOTTARDI (Private / Showtime) called “A passage through the purity of pain”.

Publishing artists include:
Cadaveria (Scarlet Records), Devilish Impressions (Lifeforce Records), Worhol (Imminence Records) to name a few.

Furthermore the label signed japanese legends Youthquake and important deals were inked in Japan with labels such as Shinko Music Group, Rubicon Music, Media Factory during these years.
These deals led WHD to open its office in Tokyo / Japan operated by label manager Masahiko Kishimoto. During 2015 Wormholedeath inked a deal with norwegian label manager Thomas Hansen (known for being the guitar player of cult black metal band Ragnarok) to start its nordic office in Fredrikstad (Norway).

Wormholedeath is owner of OPERA CORE which pioneered the “Opera Core” sound imprint through its successful vision.

Since a few years Wormholedeath started working with Overdub Recordings (indie rock label) and Too Loud Records (Punk / Hardcore / PostRock Label) to distribute/produce non-metal releases.

Furthermore WHD co-released a few albums with Serbian label Grom Records.

Wormholedeath is mainly focused on Modern Metal, Hardcore, Mainstream / alternative metal and Heavy Rock.

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Playlist | luglio | 2018

Astray Valley – Constellations

Desolate Pathway – Medusa’s Lair

LAMORI – Until Death (Do Us Part)

None Dare Call It Conspiracy – intro + Kingmaker

Basement Critters – Nature Strikes Back

While My City Burns – Stranger Things

Dystersol – Down to Nothing

Flames at Sunrise – III Faces

Apparition – Break the Chains

Infiltration – The art of war

Irdorath – Blessings From Above

Blood Moon Hysteria – Deception 1

Ithilien – Edelweiss

Worstenemy – Solis

Perpetual Night -Anatman


Info artisti:




Worstenemy is an Italian death metal band formed in 1997 with the name of Karnak (changed into Worstenemy in 2000) in Oristano, Sardinia. First line up and originally members were Andrea Fodde (drummer) and Mario Pulisci (vocalist\guitarist). In November 2000, the band records its self- producted debut album, “Worstenemy”, at the Ziggurath Studio, Porto Torres: 4 tracks in true Florida Death Metal style.In 2003, after some gigs and their first demo’s release, the band records two more tracks that will bring into being their first official work: “Cursed EP”, a split 7” vinyl with Mind Snare (historical death metal band from Turin), distributed in the summer of 2005 by the sardinian label Raptures Asylum Productions. Within 2005 and 2006, the bass player and the guitarist left the band. They will be replaced by Elena Zoccheddu (bass) and Marco Marini (guitar), he will record and produce with the band “Under Ashes of Wicked”, a 6 track mini CD, released in spring 2009 by Rapture Asylum Productions. The collaboration with Marini, will last until 2009, afterwards Worstenemy will carry on as a trio. In October 2011, the band records at Mathlab Studio the new 10 track album “Revelation”, produced by Jonathan Mazzeo, officially relased in June 2013 by WormHoleDeath label and spread all over the world. It also received very good reviews. April 2015, Simone “Arconda” Piras (ex Hour of Penance) drummer, and Luigi Cara (Deathcrush / Malignant Defecation) bass player, join the band. December 2016, Worstenemy start to record their last upcoming album “Deception” at The Grid Studio Europe, produced by Jonathan Mazzeo and mixed by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy).

Band members: Mario Pulisci – Vocals & Guitar; Luigi Cara – Bass & Vocals; Simone “Arconda” Piras – Drums



“Nuclear Strike Warning”EP 

The death metal band Infiltration was formed during spring 2017, upon remains of then dysfunctional band Free at last. It was rather a surge of frustration and anger due to FAL disbanding, that caused the formation of the band, than the intentional purpose. The idea to start a new band originally belonged to Andrew, the bass player (ex-Free at Last, ex-Svartby, Stormland), supported by the guitarist Eugene (ex-Free at Last, ex-Svartby). The two had a considerable experience, so they wasted no time in vain, which resulted in only a two months’ period from initial talks to the actual studio work. The duo was later joined by Paul, the vocalist and Alex the drummer. Each one of the band members is considered to be a pretty much legendary figure in the underground metal scene of Saint-Petersburg. Alex, the drummer (of the Hellbomb fame) has done incredible amount of recordings, working with such bands as Katalepsy, Perimeter, Tesla Machine, to name a few, also he was fairly enthusiastic about participating in this new band. It would take a lot of time talking about Paul, but basically if we were to describe this musician in a laconic yet succinct manner – he is a Death Metal. Apart from the powerful line up, the debut record features the guest appearances from to legendary musicians as well, these are: Vitaly Abramov of Narada fame and Sergey “Bomi” of Buicide fame, who provided their talents to this explosive sound assault of a debut record! Also it must be noted that the entire process of recording was done in a fairly short time, in order to capture the vibe of the material without losing a bit in a quality of the delivery! Recorded at Redneck studio, by Nikita – sound engineer, produced by Andrew and Eugene.

The sound assault performed by the Infiltration could be described as mixture of Napalm Death ferocity, with infectious grooves by the likes of Six Feet Under and Bolt Thrower. This is a 100% Death Metal. From December of 2017 Infiltration becomes a part of Wormhole Death label family! We are Infiltration, ready to share our music with everyone! Welcome!


1 – Crisis
2 – Nucleat Strike Warning 3 – The Art of War
4 – P.O.W.
5 – Razor Wire

Line Up 

Andrey – Bass ; Evgeny – Guitars; Sergey – Guitars; Alexey – Drums; Paul – Vocals, lyrics 



“The Awakening” 

Apparition, a melodic metal band from the UK, features a history that stretches back as far as 1997 when first emerging as a female vocal metal project formed by bassist David Homer. Taking various forms throughout the years, and as a live performing band since 2004, studio projects and releases have including Drowned in Questions (2006), Salvation EP (2008) and For Vengeance… and for Love (2011). Apparition have performed many shows across the UK and Europe supporting well-known acts, including: Delain; Revamp; Sirenia; Septic Flesh; The Agonist; Tarja Turunen; Blaze Bayley; Imperial Age; Whyzdom; along with appearances at festivals such as the Dames of Darkness Festival (UK), Metal Over Malta Festival (Malta) and Kraken Festival (Belgium).

With the end 2017 announcing the new studio album, THE AWAKENING, due for release in early 2018, it marks the celebration of 20 years of Apparition history. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland during 2015 and 2016, THE AWAKENING features Fiona Creaby on vocals, Paul ‘Kull’ Culley on guitars and sequencing, founder David Homer on bass, Ashley Guest on drums and Amy Lewis on guitars. Produced by Fiona and Kull, THE AWAKENING offers soaring riffs, energetic drums, passionate vocals and orchestral undertones, taking the listener through a synergy of emotions set to ‘awaken’ the soul as it tells many stories of love and loss, passion and possibility, folklore and imagination.

Over the many years of Apparition history, we extend our warmest heart-felt gratitude and deepest thanks to our fans for their support and encouragement. We also deeply thank all of those who have contributed to Apparition history since the beginning.’- Fiona, David, Kull, Ash and Amy.


1. The Awakening (Intro)
2. Hold Back The Night
3. The Dames Of Darkness 4. The Other Side
5. Resonance
6. The Night An Angel Died 7. Eternity
8. Home
9. Break The Chains
10. Our Story Lives On
11. Twilight
12. As Shadows Play


Ashley Guest drums; Fiona Creaby : vocals; David Homer : bass; Amy Lewis : guitars; Paul ‘Kull’ Culley : guitars/Sequencing



“Demonic Excrements Cursed With Life” 

Helvetestromb was formed in 2010, back then under the name Skoll. During a drinking binge, three of the original four members (Sebastian “Überführer ov Sadistik Violations” Messa, Tom “Grym Ejakulator” Ahlqvist and Axel “(Piss and) Shitlord” Sjöberg) contemplated over how awesome it would be to play music similar to what they loved to listen to. The idea was formed to make punk inspired black metal you’d want to bang your head and mosh to. Next day, the soon to be vocalist (Jesper “Anal Desekrator” Tennemo) was informed that he was now in a band and it was time to start rehearsing. The following years came with a few accomplishes and some setbacks as a new drummer (Hjalmar “Lord Necrofleshcunt” Klitse Kyrö) for a time was included in the band but let go sometime later. After some serious strains within the band, the rhythm guitarist (Axel) was forced to leave the band in the summer of 2014. This allowed the remaining members to really step up their game. Also, the band’s adherence to black metal declined more and more, to make room for more thrash-sounding, heavy metal power surges. By the summer of 2014, their first professionally recorded tracks came out as an EP dished out on cassette, and its name was Helvetestromb (Hell Tornado). It received overly positive feedback from its listeners and reviewers. During the recording of their first full-length album in 2016, Skoll finally changed name to Helvetestromb, the Swedish word for an all-consuming, furious tornado of hell. The band had now crystallized into a solid power-trio with a united ambition to create a shitstorm of fast, raw and punkish metal in opposition to the modern metal scene, mixing everything they love about metal into one unrelenting, leather- clad creation of blasphemy.


1.Tempesta di Merda (A legion of Jesus Christs) 2.Restless Satan
4.Holy Christian Airstrike
5.The Demon Bell
6.Kloakerna under Hel
7.Bog of Eternal Stench
9.Tormentive Retribution
10.Sifting Excrements (Through the Teeth) 11.Morningstar:Whore crusher

Band members: 

Anal Desekrator: Guttural Screams ov Hate / Ass-opening Bass Grym Ejakulator (ov Doom): 666 Stringed Chainsaw Überführer (ov Sado-Violations): Gnawed Leper Bones



“Denial Of Creation” 

The history of the thrash-/blackmetal band IRDORATH started in 2005. Markus (guitar) and three other musicians founded the band, the first demo “Erwachen” and the first album “Götterdämmerung” (Label Black Lava Records) were recorded and the first gigs were played. During the following years some personal changes happened. From this time on Thomas plays the drums and Esche performs on the rhythmguitar. The second album “Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches” was recorded at Soundtempel Studio and produced by Stefan Traunmüller. After finishing the record the singer and the bassplayer left the band, so that there was place for Markus to take over the vocal parts and Mario to join as the new bass player. With this lineup the band proved their power successfully on stage only one a few weeks later. Furthermore, the german record label Massacre Records became interested and signed the band. The Album “Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches” was released worldwide through Massacre Records in January 2012 and Irdorath were playing lots of concerts that year. Apart from performing live, Irdorath had lots of ideas for new songs. A new set was born and Thomas started to record the drums at Stage One Studio in Germany November 2012. After that was finished, the recording of the guitars, bass guitar and the vocals took place once more at the Soundtempel Studio. The new record, which is called „I Am Risen“, was finally mixed and mastered by Andy Classen at the Stage One Studio. “I Am Risen” was released in October 2013 through the Austrian Music Label Noisehead Records. Lots of concerts and festivals have been played in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Switzerland to promote this record and the feedback from the fans and the music press was overwhelming. In 2015 Esche left the band. To celebrate the band’s 10 year anniversary Irdorath played some special shows with Christoph (Ex-Hellsaw, Groteskh, Sakrileg), who joined the band on rhytmguitar. Furthermore they started to work on the new record. In August 2016 Thomas entered the Soundtempel Studio to record the drums. A few weeks later Markus did the guitar recording there. Bass guitar and vocals have been recorded at Sound Delusion Studios in September. The mixing and mastering was done at Hertz Studio in Poland. Finally Irdorath found a new full time member to play the rhythmguitar. The lineup is complete again – Markus Leitner (guitar/vocals), Thomas Leitner (drums), Mario Jackisch (bass guitar) and Craig Hauser (guitar). The new album “Denial of Creation” will be released in September 2017. Therefore Irdorath joined forces with the ambitious Italian label Wormholedeath to bring the new album to the masses and Irdorath is prepared for the upcoming release shows …


1.Devoured by Greed
2.Trail of Redemption
3.Sacred Deception
4.The Curse that Haunts the Earth
6.Covenant of the Unbounded
7.Blessings from Above
8.In the Name of Decay
9.Denial of Creation
10.Die Rache des Baumes (Bonus Track)

Band members: 

Markus (Guitar, Vocals), Mario (Bass Guitar), Thomas (Drums), Craig Hauser (guitar)



The Shadeless Emperor
“Ashbled Shores ” 

The Shadeless Emperor is a five piece Epic/Melodic Death metal band from Larissa Greece, officially formed in early 2010. Due to many unfortunate circumstances, the band was inactive until late 2012, were they started the recordings for their Demo under the name “Homeland”, which was self-released at January 2013. The band’s main lyrical themes are inspired by fantasy, literature, mythology and philosophy. The Shadeless Emperor did many live shows in Greece, sharing the stage with bands as Wolfheart, Jinjer, Kin Beneath Chorus, Bewized, Among Ruins to mention a few. At 2014 The Shadeless Emperor also self-released an 8-bit version of their Demo “Homeland”. When their line-up was finally complete, the band started the recordings of their Debut Album, named “Ashbled Shores”. The recordings took place at “Fabric Studios” at the end of summer of 2015, and they also self-released their first Lyric Video of their song “Sullen Guard” in June 2016. The Mixing of the album took place at “Anirok Studios” in Kefalonia Greece by sound engineer and bassist of the band, Fil Salapatas whilst the Mastering by “Steve Lado”.


02.Ashbled Shores 03.Sullen Guard 04.Homeland
05.Shades Over The Empire 06.Duskfall
07.Some Rotten Words 08.Helios The Dark 09.Olethros
10.Too Far Gone
11.An Ember Gale


Ethan Tziokas (Vocals, Recorder), Christos Mitros (Guitars, Backing Vocals) Tasos Bebes (Guitars, Backing Vocals) Fil Salapatas (Bass, Backing Vocals) Thanasis Posonidis (Drums)

The Shadeless Emperor Links:



“Of Gods and Heroes” 

Desolate Pathway started out in April 2014 as a four piece founded by former Pagan Altar guitarist Vince Hempstead. Desolate Pathway is UK based Epic Traditional Doom band who’s lyrics tell fantasy and myth based stories of quests, death, doom and destruction within heavy riff based doom with NWOBHM influences. Over almost three years with two albums and a single already under their belts, there have been several band member changes culminating in the present line up of Vince Hempstead (founder/vocals/guitar 2014-present) Mags (drums/backing vocals 2014- present) and Dio Perez-Mavrogenis (bass guitar 2016-present). Having been patient with finding the right label to sign with since forming, Desolate Pathway have now found the perfect label in Worm Hole Death Records for worldwide distribution of both albums, Valley of the King for digital release and Of Gods and Heroes for physical and digital release. Now Desolate Pathway look forward to a bright future with overseas festivals already booked in Austria and Sweden for 2017 and 2018, having already played the highly revered and much renowned Malta Doom Metal Festival in 2016. Desolate Pathway are now in the process of writing their third album keeping their inimitable and instantly recognisable epic style and sound.

1. Intro
2. The Old Ferryman
3. The Perilous Sea
4. Medusa’s Lair
5. Into the Realms of Poseidon 6. Enchanted Voices
7. Gods of the Deep
8. The Winged Divinity
9. Trojan War

Band members: 

Vince Hempstead: Founder/Vocals/Lead Guitar (2014-present); Mags: Drums/Backing Vocals (2014-present); Dio Perez-Mavrogenis: Bass Guitar 2016-present