Ghost Label Record is an independent record label based in Italy.
We have a lot of experience in the music world and we have worked with Italian and foreign bands. Our goal is to take care of the band’s image, and offer promotion, distribution and booking services, whether you’re talking about Ep or Albums with or without a video. The group’s image includes content consulting on the Facebook page and the creation of personal social networks like an official website, Twitter, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Linkedin. As promotion, we offer support for press office, press releases, reviews, interviews, freedownload compilation releases, radio. The distribution is based on three services, online, digital and physical. Booking service, refers to cd’s presentation (release party), a Mini-tour (Eastern Europe), a prestigious Fetival nomination (East Europe). All of our services are subscribed by Agreements.


Promotion: Magazine – Web – Radio – Compilation Freedownload – Reviews – Interviews
Distribution: Online – Digital – Physical
Booking: Italy – Eastern Europe

Massimo Canfora [ITA] – Intrumental – Metal – Rock
Aenigma [ITA] – Symphonic – Gothic Metal
Zero [ITA] – Progressive – Metalcore
Khali [ITA] – Thrash – Death – Metal – Hardcore
Laufderzeit [URSS] – Industrial – Gothic – Electro Metal
Kazah [H] – Hardcore – Metal
Niamh [ITA] – Alternative – Metal – Hardcore
L’ORA X [ITA] – Alternative Metal
Yattafunk [ITA] – Alternative – Funky – Metal
Sankta Kruco [ITA] – Doom – Black – Metal
Ru Fus [ITA] – Alternative – Noiserock – Stoner
Alessio Santacroce [ITA] – Alternative – Indie – Rock


Lunedì alle 22:30 


Artisti GHOST record label Playlist | # 2 | January 2019 

Tracklist (nome artista / titolo brano)

Santacroce – Il Gregge
Khali – The Core
Massimo Canfora – Screamers Part 2
Niamh – Eat, Pray, kill.
Yattafunk – Hell Yeah
Daimond D. – Dream
Led Green – One More Time
Zero – Waves of Grief, Seas of Regrets
L’Ora X – Animae
Aenigma – Infected
Laufderzeit – Your Special Way
Santa Kruco – Foresta Nigra
Kazah – Puppets
Ru Fus – Solo